Is Sports Betting Safe - Is It Safe To Bet On Sports?

Wagering on sporting events has long been a favorite pursuit of gamblers, but in the U.S., opportunities for legal sports betting are hard to come by. Is sports betting safe, either online or off? This is the question that many gamers seek to address, and the answer, as you might imagine, is a bit complex. Sports betting is legal in a couple of states, but prohibited in others; online sports betting, meanwhile, is safe and legal via some sites, but not others. As such, it is vital for sports betters to use caution and discernment as they seek out the best avenues for legitimate online sports wagering.

This site is intended to help them do exactly that. Intended as an educational resource, this page will cover all aspects of sports betting safety—online and off, legal issues and practical questions. More than anything else, the site will seek to illustrate a few ways in which U.S. gamers can bet on athletics, as safely as possible!

Is Sports Betting Legal?

First, there comes the question of whether sports betting in the U.S. is safe in a legal sense. If you bet on a sporting match, a race, or a game, will you get into trouble with the law? The answer depends largely on where and how you bet.

As for offline, land-based sports betting, it is prohibited in nearly all states. Right now, only Nevada and Delaware leave the door open for legal sports betting. Anywhere else, betting on sporting events carries significant legal risk, and is not something that could ever be called safe.

Whether or not legal sports betting online is permitted another matter. Many states do not address online gambling in their laws whatsoever. As such, gamers can safely bet on sporting events—without running into any legal consequences or risks—simply by betting through licensed, offshore sportsbooks. By finding a legal sports betting site that is licensed through another country, you can ensure that your bets are safe + devoid of any possible legal trouble.

Are Online Sportsbooks Safe From Hackers and Internet Security Breaches?

With the question of legal safety out of the way, we now turn to other forms of safety. Any kind of financial transaction, taking place online, is bound to come with some concerns. As such, many gamers wonder whether they can bet through online sportsbooks without running into problems with hackers, with Internet security breaches, or with the kinds of threats that plague many e-commerce sites.

The short answer is that online sports betting is safe, so long as you do it through an online sportsbook that is reputable. Not all legalized online sportsbooks are created equal, and picking a site that sprung up overnight and has no track record to speak of is probably a mistake. Many online sportsbooks are run by noteworthy corporations, however; they are licensed through a foreign government, and they have served customers for years, even decades. These are the online sportsbooks that you can trust to be safe and secure.

The Future of Sports Betting

Will sports betting ever become totally legalized in the United States—regulated by the government, and totally safe for players to enjoy? Without any recent changes in the United States' sports gambling laws, that remains to be seen. There is little hope for land-based wagering to be made legal any time soon, but online gaming is always a topic of debate among legislators—and at this point, anything could happen.

To be sure, though, safety remains a vital concern for sports betters. It is crucial for gamers to think about ways in which they can remain safe, both legally and more practically speaking. The best way to ensure safety is simply to seek out an online sportsbook that is both licensed and reputable.

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