Are Online Sportsbooks Legitimate? Will They Pay You?

Those who love to bet on sporting events surely know that, in the U.S., opportunities to do so legally are fairly hard to come by. Right now, only a couple of states—Delaware and Nevada—allow for legal, land-based sports wagering. As such, sports betters are ever on the lookout for alternative methods for betting on sporting events, and online sportsbooks provide one way to do so. With online sportsbooks, however, there come many questions—is online sports betting legit? Is it safe and legal? Can players trust that they will receive their money in a timely and fair manner?

All of these questions are important to carefully address. will do exactly that. Designed as an educational resource, this page will address and answer several questions that pertain to the legitimacy of online sports betting.

Can Online Sportsbooks be Trusted to Stay Open?

A particular concern that many gamers have is that they will deposit money into an online sportsbook account, only to wake the next morning and find that sportsbook gone. This is not a wholly invalid concern—certainly, there are some fly-by-night sports betting sites that cannot be trusted—but this is a fear that can be easily allayed. Seek out a sportsbook that is run by a reputable company; that has been in business for years; and that is licensed through a government body in a foreign country. Researching these issues, and reading some reviews, can eliminate uncertainty.

Will Online Sportsbooks Pay Me?

Another concern is that online sportsbooks will not offer fair payment—or, that they will not offer these payments in a timely and consistent fashion. These are legitimate concerns, once more, but they can be easily allayed. For one thing, it is crucial to check out the payout information offered by a particular sportsbook, to know what to expect. By skeptical of any betting site that does not make this kind of information available.

And again, these fears can be put to rest simply by ensuring that you are betting through a sportsbook that is reputable. Look for one that is fully licensed overseas. Also seek a sportsbook that has a track record of note, or that is run by a respectable entertainment company.

Seeking a Legit Sportsbook

The bottom line for gamers is that there are many opportunities to bet on sporting events over the Web—but not all of these online sports betting sites that are legal are created equal. Many are legitimate, but some, quite simply, are not. Doing some research, reading some reviews, and ensuring to pick a licensed and reputable sportsbook is essential.

Do note, however, that online betting is generally a much safer and more legitimate way to go. Unless you live in Nevada or Delaware, land-based betting is not recommended. For these gamers, online sportsbooks represent the best and only real, legit options—at least, so long as you pick online sportsbooks that are trustworthy and regulated.

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Are Online Sportsbooks Legal?

While land-based, street-level sports betting is dangerous in most states, online betting can be completely safe, devoid of legal risks. The trick is to find an online betting site that is, in fact, legally sanctioned and legitimate.

How can a player find such a site? Seek out an offshore gaming site that is licensed through an international government. These sportsbooks are legally condoned and regulated through local governments; some of the best, most legit online sportsbooks out there are regulated by the governments in Canada, Panama, and other nations.

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