Legal Sports Betting At Bovada

Welcome to the Bovada sportsbook review, where we will show you many reasons why this particular sportsbook is better than the competition. Bovada is legendary in status. For over two decades, the site has served up professional sports betting action, and they are now doing this better than ever before.

This page will attempt to cover most of what Bovada has to offer, but a complete and thorough description would take many more pages. In our humble review, we will show you how Bovada functions legally and safely. We will also go over the many features that make the site great.

Is Bovada’s Sportsbook Legal In The U.S.?

Bovada functions out of our neighbors to the north, Canada. The province where Bovada resides allows online sportsbooks to operate legally. In the US, things are different. Federal laws like the PASPA limit sportsbooks to only a handful of states. Furthermore, you must live in those states to use the sportsbooks. This is why the advent of online sports betting was such a revelation for US players, because it meant that they could finally join in on the pastime without having to drive to Nevada.

Bovada is legal because it exists outside of the federal jurisdiction of the PASPA, and because is follows the other rules that are in place, such as offering alternative payout methods besides credit/debit cards. We will go over these payout methods later, but for now you should just take comfort in the fact that yes, Bovada is legal, and you can join for free. However, as of right now residents of New York, New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, and Maryland must choose a different sportsbook. These states either already offer a form of sports betting, or have some legal grey-areas, so Bovada doesn’t want to get involved. That being said, there are plenty of other excellent sportsbooks that will accept people from these states, so check out our other reviews if you are one of them.

Is Bovada Safe To Bet At?

Bovada is simply one of the safest betting sites in the world. This is because the site gets national attention, regularly gaining praise from respectable sports media giants. Sites don’t receive such accolades unless they place safety high on their list of priorities, and Bovada puts it at the top. Using top-of-the-line security software and impenetrable encryption techniques, Bovada manages to surpass even the biggest online retailers in the level of overall safety. There has never been an issue involving a member losing money, suffering identity theft, or any other kind of cyber-attack. You can be 100% comfortable when wagering at Bovada, so let the good times roll!

Why Choose Bovada Over The Rest?

If the top-notch security methods don’t persuade you, don’t worry, we are just getting started! Bovada may not have the biggest variety of funding options or the craziest bonuses, but they make up for that with the vast and unsurpassed sportsbook. Industry-best odds on every professional and most amateur sports, including entertainment and political odds mean that you will be playing with the best. Let’s go through some of the things that make Bovada great.

Bovada Deposits Options: How Do I Make A Deposit Into Bovada

Bovada may not have a lot of deposit methods, but the ones that they do have are the fastest and safest in the world. You can simply choose the credit/debit option to make a lightning fast deposit with your card. This is as simple as entering your card information and the amount you would like to deposit. This usually takes less than three minutes and is a painless as it gets. There will generally be a fee of between 3.4% - 6.8%, but sometimes Bovada will not charge you.

The alternative to credit/debit cards is a cash wire transfer. This is a Western Union or MoneyGram deposit, which can either be completed online or on land. You can fill out the appropriate forms over the web in order to transfer the funds, or you can go to your local retailer that offers cash wire services, and send it from there. This comes with higher fees than credo/debit cards, which you can read about at the online cashier at Bovada.

Bovada Payout Options: How Do I Get Paid When I When My Bet

Bovada offers two great payout options that guarantee to process your cash within 4-7 business days. You can have the site shoot you a paper check over expedited mail, or choose a cash wire transfer. The check method is the most popular, and Bovada offers one free payout per month using this method. Normally there are small fees associated with payouts, but this free withdrawal per month is more than enough for most players. The cash wire transfer can be faster than a check, but comes with higher fees. Check out the online cashier at Bovada to learn much more about these methods.

Bovada Deposit Bonuses: How Do I Claim My Bovada Bonus

Bovada will astound you right off the bat with a $250 sports welcome bonus that will add some serious weight to your initial bankroll. Just opt for the bonus when you make your first deposit, and the bonus will activate. There are rollover stipulations on bonuses like this, meaning you will have to bet a certain amount before the bonus money is withdrawable. You will also find refer-a-friend bonuses, freerolls, reloads, and so much more. Bovada is simply bursting at the seams with rewards and opportunities, so head over and check out the promotions page to see what is in store.

What Are The Best Featrures Of Bovada Sportsbook

If you are new to online sports betting you will probably be surprised to learn about mobile wagering. This convenient feature lets you bet on all your favorite games from the palm of your hand. That’s right; you don’t even have to be near the computer anymore. There is no extra download or hidden cost; this is all free for signing up at Bovada. Not only can you place bets from your fingertips, you can even make deposits, request payouts, and manage your account. It’s like having a mini-Bovada in your hand.

Another great new feature is Bovada’s live betting. This phenomenal achievement brings a completely new level of excitement to a game. You can wager on all aspects of a live game as it is happening. The odds update right in front of your eyes, and you can wager as many times as you’d like until the final whistle blows. Check out Bovada today, because they are always coming up with amazing new features like this.

Bovada Is The Best Legal Sports Betting Site

The supreme sportsbook, combined with the reputation, features, and bonuses, make Bovada a sportsbook to contend with. You can be sure that you will be wagering along with millions of other American sports fans when you join Bovada. This site simply has the best record of accomplishment of any site we have come across. Sign up for free today to see what you have been missing.

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